1. Short Story About Love

    – cycle of 5 lithographic prints; L1  AP 1/10 through AP 10/10; 15,5x18 cm; 2015

  2. “Short Story About Love” is my narrative about an intimate and unbreakable connection with another living being. Searching for something perfect, honest and natural in the world of today one might find – as I do – that the most beautiful thing is the relationship between a human and an animal. A relation where the animal is treated as an equal companion. A relation that testifies to the human need of companionship, closeness; one in which we can be ourselves without expecting benefits. There are no words, no manipulation, just mutual trust.
    Yet today a depiction of a human playing with a hippopotamus in a wild garden seems absurd. Civilizational development created a distance between us and nature, and the term “wild nature” no longer carries much meaning. Almost every corner of the earth bears marks of human activity; we keep hearing philosophers refer to “the end of nature.” We live in the times when humans' natural habitat is the shopping mall or the steadily growing city, and having spare time is considered a symptom of idleness and laziness.
    Rapid civilisation progress made us grow apart not only from nature but also from each other. Our pastimes, like watching TV or surfing the web, do not encourage anyone to leave home. Contemporary tools of communication, while facilitating fast exchange of information, make it difficult to build close relationships. The contemporary human is a lonely person. Values such as community or family ties have become less important or necessary. What counts the most are individual needs. Therefore love, tenderness, brotherhood disappear...
    “Short Story About Love” is a portrayal of the human of the future for whom the only possible relation will have become the one with an animal. The project is an expression of a longing for the natural, for a life that transcends mundane reality; it celebrates freedom, a carefree life, taking a break and enjoying the moment, being close with someone, just the two of you. Placing a human and an animal next to each other makes them equals. It reminds us that both animals and humans belong to the same world and have equal rights to it.