1. My works focus on the condition of contemporary humanity. They are mainly black and white lithographs, photographs and videos, portraying humans, their surroundings, and the objects these people leave behind. I want to express the constant uncertainty regarding ourselves, the people we meet as well as our environment. It is the uncertainty about who we really are – behind our constantly changing masks and the various profiles we present to the world – as well as an uncertainty about the ceaselessly changing environment. For me the entertainment to be found everywhere today is in fact our prison. Entertainment makes us regard any serious thinking as a waste of time. As a result, we become easier to control. Our fear of leaving the state of sweet ignorance successfully deprives us of the will to act. We want more and more and then become slaves to all these objects we own or desire. In the urban space we cannot avoid the ubiquitous advertisements that create our reality. We are forced to look and see. I see art as a way out, our chance for freedom – it gives us a break from looking under duress. Looking at art is an experience that communicates nothing, it is solely the act of seeing and contemplating.

    I use metaphor to create a real image of the world. It is a world after a catastrophe or a world waiting for the apocalypse. The world’s mysterious quality is the result of a certain kind of realism that is a little different from reality. In my works I make use of the absurd. It helps me create something new, something that is not there, but we understand it well as life has taught us a lot. So we learn something different, we experience something we have not experienced before. It is about activating a certain kind of sensitivity, the desire to watch everything around us attentively. I want my art to inspire thinking and give rise to a different view of reality. It should provide the opportunity and the space for questions.


    – Piotr Kołakowski